Collective Delusion plays an eclectic variety of rock music from the 1970s to today at bars and clubs throughout Northern Virginia.

Jamie - vocals.  Jamie brought the world of female vocals to our band, and then left to travel the world.  She has now returned to lead us to a new level of rock stardom.


Alaina - vocals.  Alaina is our local girl who has become an intergalactic rockstar, singing to audiences throughout the universe in her day job as a rocket scientist.


Keith - guitar and vocals.  Keith is the folk rocker who enjoys keeping the music of his youth alive, both for those who remember from when they were 17 and for a new generation.



Brian - guitar and vocals.  Brian is the hard rocker who likes to jam out leads on his beloved Gibson SG.  Brian has also written several songs in the Collective Delusion repertoire.


Bill - electric bass.  Bill is the progressive/psychedelic rocker who loves to hang out in clubs and listen to other live bands when he's not playing, from blues to funk, rock opera to jam.



Roger - vocals and drums.  Roger is the country rocker who honed his skills while stationed in Iraq playing before very heavily armed audiences.

Chris - occasional drums and vocals.  Chris is our keyboardist extraordinaire, turned rock drummer.  



Mo - occasional vocals.  Mo is the classical singer who spent years as a high school choir director, beating out Roger for having survived the world's toughest audiences.